• Island Ice
  • Island Ice

Island Ice

Living Forward is as much a way of thinking as anything else, so why not take your mind on vacay with the chill vibe of ‘Island Ice?’ This is the ideal “getaway aesthetic,” with a glossy, oyster gray front frame that fades on a gradient to a subtle blue-lavender finish. This circles eye-popping polarized silver miorr lenses and complements the stunning tortoise print streaking down the sides. Normally it’s not easy to look this steezy, but you’re about to have the cheat code to an awesome day every time out. //


  • Gender: Unisex
  • Frame: Glossy Grey to Blue-Lavender 
  • Hinge: Spring Loaded
  • Lens Color: Polarized Silver Mirrored
  • UV Rating: 100% UV Protection
  • Fit / Size: Medium - Large
  • Vibe: Lifestyle
  • $38.00
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