• ABACO | Vero - Black Tortoise Fade/G15

ABACO | Vero - Black Tortoise Fade/G15

  • You know that feeling you get lounging on the pool deck? The small ripples breaking on the sides of the pool, the signs of your daily grind fading into oblivion.  Your focus turns to the tropical palette of colors and the warmth of the sun that you swear you can actually hear glistening?  That’s everything we love too and what inspired us to design the Vero

    Built to last and protect your eyes from that sun you crave to bask in, the Vero features an elegant round lens, UV protection and is features our HDR polarized lens so you can soak in every bit of vacation you want to. 

    Every pair of Abaco Vero is covered under our lifetime limited warranty.  Every pair also comes with an Abaco microfiber pouch for cleaning care and protection. 

Lifetime Warranty + Accidental Damage Protection

Just like you, we're tired of brands that don't stand behind their products. That's why we are proud to offer the best warranty of any sunglass manufacturer.

Abaco Polarized sunglasses are made for life and we'll cover any breaks, defects, even lens scratches regardless of when you purchased them.

Plus, we provide accidental damage coverage. Whether you ran them over, stepped on them or your dog decided to make your favorite sunglasses a snack we've got you covered, for life.

We want you to purchase your next pair because you want to, not because you have to.

Warranty detail will be given when glasses are purchases.


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