• ABACO | Roxy - Gunmetal Grey

ABACO | Roxy - Gunmetal Grey

  • Every day is another chance for adventure and excitement.

    Derived from the Persian word for “bright dawn”, Roxy will get you through the day from shimmering sunrise to sultry sunset.

    With a timeless style, these durable frames will always be ready to accompany you on your journey to seize the day.  Whether you’re exploring a foreign town, taming waves with friends, or simply taking a walk to get lost, the Roxy is a reminder that every day is a new dawn

Lifetime Warranty + Accidental Damage Protection

Just like you, we're tired of brands that don't stand behind their products. That's why we are proud to offer the best warranty of any sunglass manufacturer.

Abaco Polarized sunglasses are made for life and we'll cover any breaks, defects, even lens scratches regardless of when you purchased them.

Plus, we provide accidental damage coverage. Whether you ran them over, stepped on them or your dog decided to make your favorite sunglasses a snack we've got you covered, for life.

We want you to purchase your next pair because you want to, not because you have to.

Warranty detail will be given when glasses are purchases.


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