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Hello Beautiful

Michelle McDowell Designs

After almost 4 years of creating, designing, and building a brand behind the jewels, Michelle McDowell has evolved into so much more than just jewelry.  Our brand was born from the love of accessories and the concept of adding the finishing touch to any basic outfit.  Designer Michelle Cable credits the creative direction of her jewelry to many aspects – personal taste, style, lifelong influencers, and the instinctive gift of design. 

“When I started the jewelry business on my bedroom closet floor back in January of 2015, my designs were created with one important aspect in mind:  to inspire women to feel beautiful.  I have always enjoyed playing dress up as a child with my sister in my grandmother’s closet.  Grandmom owned the most exquisite fur coats, high-fashion jewelry, and carried herself with a presence of class and elegance.  Without being stuffy or stiff, Grandmom’s warm smile embraced us little rascals that rummaged through her closet and dreamed of life as princesses as we trotted through her house in high-heels and red lipstick.  We walked with our heads a little higher as we donned ourselves in her beautiful collections of jewels.  Now as a designer, my desire is to create the same feeling for women that I felt when I dressed in my Grandmother’s jewels – that on-top-of-the-world feeling that flows from your inner confidence and outward beauty.” - Michelle Cable

The idea to create Michelle McDowell arose from a desire to more personally connect the story behind the brand to the customer – to allow the customer to know who Michelle is on a more personal level, how she discovered her love for design, and how it has evolved over the years.  Every design is meticulously created by one person – Michelle.  These designs are a personal representation of Michelle’s style; they’re what she would buy when walking into a local boutique.  From your basic foundation pieces to your bold statement pieces, there’s something for everyone, for every outfit, for every occasion.  The Michelle McDowell brand elicits versatility and on-trend designs to keep the modern woman fresh and fabulous!

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